Top 7 Foods for an Upset Stomach

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It’s happened to all of us. Shortly after, or even during a meal, your stomach starts to turn. What caused the pain? How do you make it subside? Take a look at this list of the top seven foods to ease your upset stomach, and test each one to see what works for you.

Top foods to soothe your upset stomach


Typically, people experience nausea and vomiting as symptoms of a belly ache. Ginger, an edible root, is often used to soothe those symptoms. Put it in your tea with some lemon or eat it raw for relief.

“How this works is not entirely understood, but it’s hypothesized that ginger regulates nervous system signaling in the stomach and speeds up the rate at which the stomach empties, thereby reducing nausea and vomiting,” according to Healthline.


Bananas are part of the “brat” diet, which also includes rice, applesauce and toast. This diet is known to make the worst of stomach pains subside, Health reported. 


Bananas are so important because they have potassium, which helps with hydration. They also contain sugar but aren’t too sweet, so you can take in some calories when you aren’t able to eat a lot without feeling more nauseous.


Naturally, we will include the rest of the “brat” diet in this list. Rice is the next component in the diet, and soothes stomachs as it helps coat the lining, which has a soothing effect and aids in digestion, according to Health.

As a bonus, this is a starchy food and doesn’t stay in the stomach for long periods of time.



Applesauce is a go-to for people that often find themselves with an upset stomach. You can even drink this if you’re not ready to eat anything. It’s easy to digest and full of nutrients, including pectin, which is a kind of fiber that dissolves in water, WebMD reported. 


Toast, the final piece of the “brat” diet puzzle, is helpful for a turning tummy because it won’t cause acid reflux and it doesn’t sit in your stomach for long like a high-fat meal, Health reported. 

Just be sure to skip the butter and jelly. Dry toast is the way to go here.


Licorice really helps with indigestion and acid reflux, and may be able to prevent stomach ulcers, according to Healthline. We aren’t talking about Twizzlers here, but licorice root. Licorice root can be consumed whole, but it’s reportedly mostly taken as a supplement called deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL).


DGL is preferred over licorice root because it doesn’t contain glycyrrhizin, which is a chemical in licorice that can have bad side effects like fluid imbalances if you consume a lot of it. DGL can ease your stomach pain by lessening inflammation of the stomach lining and creating more mucus to protect the tissues.

Aloe juice

While not technically a food, aloe juice is known to help an upset stomach. Ingredients in aloe juice can ease belly pain by reducing excess stomach acid, aiding in bowel movements, removing toxins, reducing inflammation, and improving protein digestion. 

According to Medical News Today, one study found that those who drank 10 mililleters of aloe juice every day for 4 weeks saw improvement in heartburn, nausea, flatulence, and acid regurgitation symptoms. 

There you have it, the top seven foods to aid in digestion and help stomach aches subside. Try each one of these foods when your tum starts turning and find out which one should be your go-to.

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