Alexis Wisniewski

Researcher, foodie, fasting enthusiast

Alexis is a writer and researcher with a deep love for good food and holistic nutrition. She enjoys exploring cultures and sub-cultures through their food traditions, and—when home in Chicagoland with her husband and two boys—is committed to organic, local ingredients. She has a passionate love/hate relationship with fasting.

Posts by Alexis:

salmon for gout

Gout Diet: 7 Foods to Avoid With Gout and What to Eat Instead

Diet modifications are the most effective way to prevent and manage gout. Get 7 types of foods to avoid, what to eat instead, a sample menu, and more.

diverticulitis diet foods

What to eat if you have diverticulitis

A diverticulitis diet generally refers to what you should eat to help recover, but there are also dietary means to help prevent attacks. Get details on both.


What Causes Bloating? 12 Secrets to Reducing Bloating and Gas After Meals

Bloating after a meal is usually not a sign of a bigger health issue, and is easily prevented by knowing what and how to eat, as well as what to avoid.


Fasting Mimicking Diet: A Complete Do-It-Yourself Plan

Yes, you can DIY a 5-day fasting mimicking diet! Get a complete menu, including links to every food item you need and daily calorie counts.

vegan protein green smoothie

A Guide to Vegan Protein Powders: Top 5 Powders, Types of Plant-Based Protein, and More

If you’ve ever tried to purchase a vegan protein powder, your first reaction was probably analysis paralysis. Why are there so many options? There are different types of plant-based protein, which means you need to know why you’re looking for vegan options at all (unless you’re vegan in general, then … Read more


21 of the Best Japanese Snacks and Candy Products and How to Get Them

Japanese snacks and candy are like nothing you will find anywhere else in the world


ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet: Scientific Breakthrough or Another Food Fad?

ProLon is practically synonymous with fasting mimicking, because it’s the first—and so far the only—packaged and clinically tested FMD program.

ginger for upset stomach

10 Foods for an Upset Stomach

It’s happened to all of us. Shortly after a meal, your stomach starts to turn. What caused the pain?


Foods to Avoid with Diverticulitis

No special diet has been proven to completely prevent diverticulitis, but some restrictions have demonstrated the ability to reduce symptoms and attacks.


17 Causes of Bloating: From Common Causes to Serious Conditions

Bloating is that uncomfortable sensation of a stomach that’s been stretched beyond capacity. The problem ranges from embarrassing—a visibly swollen stomach and gas escaping in the form of burping of flatulence—to painful. But is bloating a sign of an underlying, undiagnosed condition? Does it signify that something more serious is … Read more