Kate Regan

Nutritionist, cycling instructor, educator

Kate Regan is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and an indoor cycling instructor in the Washington DC-Metropolitan region. She holds degrees in dietetics from the University of Delaware and Virginia Tech. Currently, Kate is the Director of the Nutrition and Wellness Department at a medical clinic, as well as an inpatient acute care dietitian at a large hospital. Her experiences in nutrition are vast and range from hospital intensive care units and public policy on Capitol Hill to clinical research and foodservice management.

Fascinated by the mind-body connection, her passion for nutrition stems from the belief that a healthy relationship to food is essential to living a healthy (and happy!) life. Finding balance in her own life completely transformed her world and she now helps others do the same. Using an approach she has termed “functional intuition”, she uses a combination of functional nutrition principles and intuitive eating concepts to guide clients and patients to reach their personal health goals.

Educating others about the power they hold to improve their quality of life through food and movement is what makes Kate excited about her work. It is also why she loves sharing her knowledge through writing. In the future, Kate would love to pursue certifications in various group fitness formats to expand her ability to help others feel their best through food and movement.