How to Treat SIBO Symptoms? Top 8 Hacks You Need to Know

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Navigating SIBO symptoms is complicated because they can be very difficult to diagnose. And even after it’s diagnosed it becomes a challenge to overcome.

If you’ve found this article, you’re probably looking for fast SIBO solutions to the discomfort you’re feeling.

We’ll share 8 fast, simple hacks on how to treat SIBO symptoms and get you feeling like yourself again in no time at all.

A belly free of SIBO symptoms

Let me guess, you’ve been struggling with digestive issues for years, you feel bloated the moment you finish a meal, and gas has become an embarrassing and expected part of your life? You probably feel horrible more than you feel good. And with certainty I can predict that you’ve either self-diagnosed or been told by a doctor that you suffer from IBS.

Let me guess, you’ve been struggling with digestive issues for years, you feel bloated the moment you finish a meal, and gas has become an embarrassing and expected part of your life? 

You probably feel horrible more than you feel good. And with certainty I can predict that you’ve either self-diagnosed or been told by a doctor that you suffer from IBS.

Let me guess, you’ve been struggling with digestive issues for years, you feel bloated the moment you finish a meal, and gas has become an embarrassing and expected part of your life? 

You probably feel horrible more than you feel good. And with certainty I can predict that you’ve either self-diagnosed or been told by a doctor that you suffer from IBS.

My last prediction is that you’ve recently heard about SIBO and its SIBO symptoms, so you’re wondering if maybe that could be the culprit.

If this all sounds familiar, then continue reading. We have some ideas and hacks that can help treat SIBO symptoms and get better quickly.


SIBO – Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, is fundamentally in imbalance in gut bacteria. If you haven’t heard about the microbiome, I’m here to tell you that it holds the secrets to many future health breakthroughs. A microbiome is a colony of millions of good and bad bacteria that is meant to live in harmony. There are several of them in and on your body. For example, the skin on your face has an enormous and complex microbiome. When it’s out of balance you get acne, rosacea and other irritated skin conditions. There’s a feminine microbiome and when it’s out of balance you’ll have feminine itching and odor. There’s even a microbiome in your nose and throat

The microbiome that’s been studied the most is the one in your gut. If you’ve ever taken antibiotics, antacids or steroids you’ve inadvertently messed up your gut microbiome by killing many good bacteria along with the bad. In many cases it takes the good bacteria longer to re-colonize and that allows the bad guys to take over. There are many other ways your gut microbiome can be thrown out of balance and in most cases it will eventually lead to digestive issues like IBS, indegestion, gas and bloating. Imbalances in the gut microbiome are very common and products like Activia yogurt and myriad probiotic supplements have arisen to combat the problems.

A magnifying glass showing bacteria
The Gut Microbiome


For people with SIBO a very interesting and different issue occurs in the gut. In normal digestive tracts, most of the good and bad bacteria are colonized in the large intestine and colon.

This is where the majority of your digestion and elimination occur. In some cases, however, these bacteria migrate into the small intestine and begin to colonize in an area where they shouldn’t be.

This colonization of bacteria in the small intestine is called SIBO. It’s unique, it’s different, it’s stubborn and it’s horribly uncomfortable.

Once this colony of bacteria sets up shop in your small intestine, they quickly get hungry. If you have a diet high in carbs, sugars, and alcohol, then they love their new home. The more you feed them this high-carb and high-sugar diet, the more they eat and the more they multiply. And as they multiply and eat they begin to create a fermentation process that is continually fed by more carbs and sugar. This fermentation causes two gasses to be produced in your small intestine – these are methane and hydrogen.

So people with SIBO symptoms almost always have a build-up of either methane, hydrogen, or both within their digestive tract. And this is what causes the discomfort and issues. These gases in your gut can also lead to bad breath, which we’ll talk about later.


  1. Diarrhea
  2. Bloating, gas, and abdominal pain
  3. Food intolerances like gluten and lactose
  4. Bad breath
  5. Chronic fatigue
  6. Skin conditions like rosacea and adult acne


  1. Diverticulitis 
  2. Fibromyalgia
  3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome


HACK #1: Call your doctor when you finish reading this article:

As a responsible writer, I must say this. And please don’t hesitate on this one. SIBO can be serious and it’s very difficult to diagnose as SIBO symptoms resemble other conditions

Finish reading this article and arm yourself with knowledge and then call your doctor. Tell her about your symptoms and tell her that you think it could be SIBO. Only a doctor can truly diagnose this condition.

A doctor that treats SIBO symptoms

HACK #2: Get an at-home Food Sensitivity Test:

(check the current price here)

If you’ve never tried the Everylywell test, I can tell you it’s simple, painless, and fast. With one simple finger prick, you can have yourself tested for over 100 food intolerances and sensitivities to learn your food intolerance triggers. Forget the tedious food elimination diets. 

They take weeks and they’re impossible to keep track of. As one of Shark Tank’s biggest success stories, the Everlywell test will let you know within 2 weeks and with certainty which foods your body has difficulty digesting. But if you’re not ready for the truth, and you’re unwilling to change your diet, then don’t get the test. I found out I was sensitive to brewer’s yeast. As a huge beer fan, this was difficult to accept. But once I cut back on my beer consumption, many of my gut and skin issues resolved.

Food sensitivity test
EverylyWell At-Home Food Intolerance Test

HACK #3: Get a SIBO breath test with the FoodMarble Smartphone App:

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The FoodMarble is a pocket-sized breath analyzer. It’s a brilliant, personalized version of a tool that’s been used by doctors and labs for years. It’s portable and it’s designed for the millions of people who suffer from digestive difficulties. This simple device is tiny. You carry it with you throughout the day and breathe into it after meals, after snacking, or after drinks with friends. The results are measured wirelessly in an app that connects to your smart phone. For the first time, people are now able to track their digestive gas levels in real time and unlock food and digestive data that was never before available. You can finally track and verify what foods are spiking your gas levels and begin to uncover what’s triggering your digestive issues. Read the reviews and see why many people are calling this a life-changing device and a SIBO slayer.

FoodMarble app — breath analyzer
FoodMarble Breath Analyzer

HACK #4: Starve the Overgrown Bacteria with a new SIBO Diet

We’ve established that a diet high in carbs, sugar, and alcohol are major culprits for SIBO. These are the foods that provide fuel to the bacteria in your small intestine and lead to fermentation and gas.

But, how to treat SIBO symptoms using this diet?

So the most obvious way to hack your SIBO symptoms today is to cut back on these foods and starve the bacteria. 

You could do this through a single (one at a time) elimination process or you could go cold turkey and try to eliminate them all immediately. Below are two excellent guidebooks that can help you eat the foods that will starve the bacteria and help solve your SIBO symptoms.

These two SIBO diet books both have great reviews. Click on the photo below to check the prices.

(Check current price here)

SIBO diet books
Two great books for a new SIBO-free diet and lifestyle

Hack #5: Attack the bad Bacteria with a proven probiotic supplement

There are a million different probiotics on the market. Each of them promises to attack the bad bacteria and restore a healthy, balanced gut microbiome. The reason I like Dr. Tobias is because he’s figured out a way to make sure his probiotics survive the gauntlet of the stomach and make it into the small intestine. As you know, the stomach is filled with acid and most probiotics never make it through to the intestines. Dr. Tobias probiotics are formulated to withstand the stomach and get into the intestines so they can form spores and make a healthy encampment where you need them. Give this product some time and know that it’s worked for thousands of people who are desperate to bring back harmony to their gut microbiome. And click below to read the amazing reviews from people around the country.

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Probiotics that treat SIBO symptoms

Hack #6: Restore the Good Bacteria and clean up your breath

A great way to get yourself back on track quickly is to restore good bacteria in your gut. More good bacteria will combat the bad bacteria that are multiplying, fermenting and creating the hydrogen and methane. These two gasses could be the cause of your bad breath and discomfort. If you have never been able to figure out your breath issues, it could be a direct result of your SIBO symptoms. Look for a probiotic that specifically promotes better breath by introducing good bacteria into your gut. And once again, click the picture below and read the reviews.

(Check current price here)

Oral probiotics for treating SIBO symptoms

Hack #7: Grapefruit Seed Extract for Fighting SIBO Symptoms

For decades many naturopaths have sworn by the powers of grapefruit extract to heal problems of the gut including SIBO. Grapefruit seed extract can act as a very strong antimicrobial which means it can kill many bad bacteria, fungi, parasites, and other harmful organisms.

It also contains naringenin which is a powerful antioxidant and can help protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals. Grapefruit seed extract has been used holistically to combat SIBO for years. It’s a simple, natural and healthy way to fight back your SIBO symptoms and provide relief quickly.

(Check current price here)

Grapefruit seed extract — a drug that relieves SIBO symptoms
Grapefruit seed extract can be powerful SIBO fighter

Hack #8: Switch to a natural acid indigestion product

If you’re like millions of Americans you’ve been taking an over-the-counter antacid medication for years to relieve the discomfort of acid indigestion. Over time those drugstore antacids can do more harm than good on your gut microbiome. If you’ve never tried a natural alternative to those chemical-laced products, now might be the time. Acid balance is the key to stopping heartburn and like all things in your microbiome, this balance is critical to health and harmony in your gut. Shutting down your acid production for years could be doing harm and may even be contributing to your SIBO symptoms. There are a few fantastic all-natural acid balancing products that might be a key feeling better. Just click the image below and read the reviews.

(check current price here)

ACID indigestion relief for fighting SIBO

Final Thoughts on How to Treat SIBO Symptoms

Remember, you are not alone. Thousands of Americans are learning how to treat SIBO symptoms. The real challenge comes in diagnosis and proper treatment. The first step is to arm yourself with knowledge and you’ve done that by reading this article. 

The next step is to call your Doctor. Tell her what you learned about SIBO and tell her about your SIBO symptoms. In the meantime, think about the things we’ve discussed in this article. SIBO is a problem of the small intestine and it’s exacerbated by carbs and sugar. The problem starts with fermentation and the production of gas. You can get a SIBO breath test, start a new SIBO diet, get a food sensitivity test or look at the power and speed of probiotic supplements. These are all great ways for you to begin knocking back the SIBO symptoms and discomfort you’re feeling today. We hope the hacks in this article will get you started on a path to crushing your SIBO symptoms.

One final thought. The more you can read about other conditions like IBS and Diverticulitis, the better armed you will be with information. We have a great piece about IBS and the FODMAP diet, and we have a great introduction to Diverticulitis which affects millions of Americans. Click on the links to check them out because knowledge is power when it comes to your health.

Chart showing how your gut functions


Anne Haliday has spent her career in the food industry both as a chef and a food critic. She is passionate about health and nutrition and has spent years studying food and it’s impact on our health. In her free time Anne can be found kayaking or practicing yoga.


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