Top 6 Zwilling Knives Review & Buying Guide

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Whether you’re a professional chef or prefer a high-quality set of kitchen knives for your culinary adventures, you’ll find some significant advantages with the Zwilling knives collection. This European-style knife is sleek, ergonomic, and modern, which works well with your current collection. It’s an ideal knife to consider as a gift for a family member or friend who’s an inspiring chef or for anyone with serious quality culinary utensils.

The price range is moderate, which makes purchasing Zwilling knives an ideal investment for any kitchen. While some Zwilling knives are a bit more expensive, they are generally impressive in quality and performance.

In this Zwilling knives review we’ll go over the 6 best knives for your kitchen!

Overview of Zwilling Knives Products

Zwilling Knives offer a variety of products for paring, bread, prep, peeling, and more.

If you’re new to investing in a set of knives, Zwilling offers a variety of complete sets so that you can choose from simple, basic block sets that range from the 11-piece Henckels Fine Edge Synergy set, as a great starter, to the Zwilling Kanren 12-piece block set. There is a wide variance in price due to the style and specialized nature of each collection.

What Makes Zwilling Knives a Good Investment?

Zwilling is famous for its many varied options, and it’s a well-established brand and respected brand for its resilience and durability. They are a popular choice for chefs, so you know you’re getting a great product based on this high-quality standard. Zwilling is known for offering an extensive selection of knives, so you’ll have a lot of professional-grade products to create a custom collection over time or a block set that best suits your culinary style.

Zwilling offers a lot of choices, so you’ll need to spend time reviewing all the knives, block sets, and accessories, as the variety is not only comprehensive but there is a significant variation in cost and style for every option. One of the main benefits of Zwilling knives is that this product is ideal for everyone, whether you’re a beginner, enthusiast, or professional.

Product History

Zwilling began in 1731 by Peter Henckels in Solingen, Germany. This year, the brand’s trademark was registered, making it one of the oldest knife brands in the world. Not only does Zwilling offer close to three centuries of excellence and tradition, which provided a generous amount of time to improve and perfect the brand’s reputation for quality.

Zwilling opened its first store in 1818, followed by showcasing and promoting its products locally, then internationally, which led to the company receiving an award at the World Fair in London in 1851 highest award at the Paris World Fair in 1855. Zwilling continued to expand towards the end of the nineteenth century and early 1900s into North America, then Asia, becoming a highly successful brand with a solid track record of being considered one of the top cookware companies.

The Best Zwilling Knives Review

If you’re looking for the best of Zwilling’s products, there are some great options to consider if you want to skip to the top results for this excellent brand.

Here are the 6 best Zwilling knives:

J.A. Henckels Gourmet 7-piece block set

This impressive 7-piece knife set weighs just over three pounds, with handles made of black and stainless steel, which are cool to touch and easy to handle and use. The core of the knives is made of aluminum, which allows them to heat evenly, and fast so you can slice effortlessly.

Zwilling knives review: J.A. Henckels Gourmet 7-piece block set

What are the advantages of this gourmet knife set? They are beautifully crafted, and their appearance is ideal in any kitchen with an existing set of utensils. The block set is compatible with any décor and provides a great beginner’s kit for a high-quality sharpness, easy to clean and maintain.

Are there any drawbacks? The knives are not dishwasher safe, so you’ll need to wash them by hand. You may need to use more effort and care when slicing through frozen meat, though ideally, you should avoid this.

J.A. Henckels Four-Star Anniversary Block set with Eight Pieces

This eight-piece set is the next level for home chefs and professionals alike. This set offers many knives, including a paring knife, prep knife, serrated Utility knife, chef’s knife, bread knife, shears, boning knife, and a wooden block. The blades are made of alloy steel and stainless steel, making these knives highly durable and sturdy for frequent use.

Zwilling knives review: J.A. Henckels Four-Star Anniversary Block set with Eight Pieces

There are some excellent advantages to this knife set. The knives are lightweight and very sharp, so you’ll have no difficulty using them without applying too much pressure. While the steel blades are a bit thin in comparison to other styles, they offer strong performance with high quality.

J.A. Henckels Pro 7-piece Block Set in Stainless Steel and Black

This popular block set weighs five pounds and features a quality set of knives specializing in Asian-style chopping for various culinary creations. Each blade is easily sharpened from bolster to tip, and they are thin and easy to slice. This block set includes a fine edge prep knife, paring knife, traditional chef’s knife, sharpening steel, bread knife, kitchen shears, and a hardwood knife block.

Zwilling knives review: J.A. Henckels Pro 7-piece Block Set in Stainless Steel and Black

This knife set has been around for a few years and offers a quality addition to your kitchen counter. You’ll find this set of knives offer a quality steel blade with an easy-to-handle grip, outstanding balance, and lightweight. These knives may replace your current set or make an essential investment for your cooking and prep needs.

Professional Chef Knife, Stainless Steel with an Eight-inch Blade

This Zwilling knife is an excellent choice if looking for a single knife with precision and strength. Zwilling’s Chef knife is balanced, with a sharp edge that retains its quality longer, with excellent resilience. This blade offers excellent craftsmanship that’s perfect for a professional kitchen or coffee shop or in your kitchen at home.

Zwilling knives review: Professional Chef Knife, Stainless Steel with an Eight-inch Blade

What’s remarkable about this blade? It slices through meat effortlessly and maintains a high level of hardness and consistency, making this knife easy to use for all your prepping needs.

Japanese Chef Knife for Meat and Vegetable Cutting

This Imarku Sharp knife is made of stainless steel with a wooden handle. You’ll find this blade exceptionally sharp, with a degree of sharpness that’s 18 degrees, or double what you’ll find in a standard meat knife. It’s highly durable, so you can use it longer without sharpening. The unique design of this blade uses oxidation blackening technology that keeps your blade clean and free of sticking food.

Zwilling knives review: Japanese Chef Knife for Meat and Vegetable Cutting

The Japanese Chef knife offers an eight-inch blade, which is versatile for prepping fruit, vegetables, and meat. It’s an ideal addition to any chef collection, which is easy to use for more extended periods, with an ergonomic-shaped handle that’s anti-slip and comfortable to use.

This product is one of Zwilling’s top choices, as it combines the traditional look and grip as a professional knife with modern technology and a comfortable handle. It’s a good option for a first-time knife purchase to begin your collection, as it works with many different textures and foods.

International Statement 14-Piece Self-Sharpening Block set

J.A. Henckels International Statement block set makes a bold statement in your kitchen and will have your guests or family talking. It’s a great, stylish set that’s functional for a variety of cutting and prepping needs. This set was exceptionally crafted, which includes a self-sharpening slot on the knife block, so you’ll have the benefit of sharpening each knife to perfection when you remove each blade.

Zwilling knives review: International Statement 14-Piece Self-Sharpening Block set

This 14-piece set is impressive and offers a wide range of knives for most of your kitchen needs. You’ll find this set ideal for gifts and great for your new kitchen if you’re looking to start a new culinary collection. Each of the blades is brushed with stainless steel. It’s essential to carefully and thoroughly wash and dry each blade to maintain its quality and durability. You’ll enjoy the quality and performance of these knives for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the best way to clean and maintain Zwilling knives?

Answer: While some people will claim Zwilling knives are dishwasher safe and successfully clean them this way, it’s not recommended. If you want to extend the quality and lifetime of your knife collection, it’s best to wash them by hand, with mild soap and warm water, and dry immediately. You’ll want to avoid possible corrosion, which may happen over time.

Question: Which knives are best for a home kitchen, the Japanese or German collection?

Answer: You’ll find both sets are uniquely designed and equal in quality. Over the years, both collections have developed into high-quality brands. While the Japanese knives are generally lighter and designed for vegetables and fish, the German collection provides heavier handles and works best with thick meats, such as beef and pork.

Question: What is the best knife for a beginner?

Answer: A good-quality chef knife is the best blade to start with if you’re new to cooking and building your kitchen collection. You’ll also want to consider a paring knife as a follow-up purchase, as these two knives can function well together, and they are easy to use at home. Unless you’re looking for a block set that includes these two knives, it’s best to invest in these two knives as a solid foundation for food preparation.

Zwilling Knives Review: Summary

Zwilling knives make an exceptional gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and any occasion for the culinary enthusiast. It’s a brand that offers a highly recognizable reputation and quality that anyone will appreciate in their kitchen. Zwilling is a world-recognized brand that offers a blade for every level of experience in the kitchen.

While all Zwilling knives are durable and tend to last a long time, it’s essential to store them safely, with the blades always protected. Maintaining your knife collection and block set will ensure you’ll get the most out of your experience. You’ll find Zwilling knives are highly versatile, so you can build your set of knives from one or two individual blades or invest in an impressive knife block.

Zwilling is one of the most highly trusted and proven brands globally and a worthwhile investment for any kitchen or culinary goal. You’ll find the price range is reasonable, and the product selection extensive with many options for every type of cuisine and food preparation.

About the author:

Rob Jones is a father of two who lives in Massachusetts and enjoys cooking and his dog Beau. Rob has spent years studying food and its effects on the body and mind. He believes in moderation and enjoyment.


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