How to Sauté Spinach the Right Way [Expert’s Guide]

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Popeye the Sailor Man always knew how to stay strong and healthy by eating his spinach. It even gave him superhuman powers! Don’t we all want to look and feel great? If so, then consider eating more spinach.

While spinach is a powerful and healthy vegetable, it can also be quite difficult to prepare. If you like to cook and want to add more powerhouse and nutritious foods to your diet then take the time to learn how to sauté spinach for the best results.

Cooking with Spinach

Spinach is the leafy green that is chocked-full of nutrients. If you don’t like the taste of it currently then you should consider sautéing it instead. While there’s a lot of fiber in raw spinach, when it’s cooked it might offer more beta carotene.

Heated and cooked spinach just tastes better. However, it’s not always simple to prepare correctly. You want your taste buds to be impressed the minute it hits your tongue. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to learn how to sauté spinach and get it right the first time.

How to Sauté Spinach

So, how do you sauté spinach exactly? The key here is that slow and steady wins the race. You want to avoid it becoming slimy and icky by using high heat and continuing to stir it so that any liquid can be released and evaporate into the air.

How to make sauteed spinach

Start by getting your pan nice and hot and heating up the oil. As soon as the oil is hot then you should add your spinach to it. Do so by taking a handful at a time and putting it in the pan. Before you toss in the next handful, be sure to take the time to stir it slightly. You’ll want to continue sautéing your spinach until all of it wilts, which will usually take between two and four minutes. You’ll likely enjoy the sautéed spinach more if you season it with a little salt and pepper and perhaps some lemon zest.

You’ll know it’s cooked and ready to go when all of the spinach in the pan is completely wilted and it turns a bright green color. Another good tip to use is to drain any excess water before you dive in and eat it. The result will be not only good but actually great this way.

Health Benefits of Spinach

It’s wise to eat your spinach and make it part of your regular diet (not only when you’re on a fasting mimicking diet or intermittent fasting). The reason being is that it’s just darn good for you. You may be wondering what these health benefits are and what you’ll gain from becoming a dedicated spinach eater.

For starters, this green goodness is considered a superstar of all the leafy greens out there since it provides your body with a plethora of nutrients. It will not only boost hydration but it can curb your appetite as well. It may be just what you need to begin shedding unwanted pounds so you can feel your healthiest and best.

Struggling with high blood sugar, then consider eating more spinach. Eating spinach regularly is one of the best ways to boost your immune system naturally and keep your eyes healthy as well. Want to prevent Osteoporosis or cut the risk of iron deficiency anemia? Then eat your spinach and start sautéing it today!

How to Sauté Spinach the Best Way

You may now be on board and want to find out the best ways to sauté spinach. It’s good to remember that whenever you’re in doubt or want it to be more flavorful then add garlic, salt, and pepper to it. Always focus on having high heat and making sure you stir it until it wilts and the water starts to evaporate. You do not want soggy spinach as this will likely make you never want to touch or eat this stuff again.

There will always be olive oil involved when you want your spinach to taste amazing. Take it up another notch by adding a squeeze of lemon to the pan as well! Whatever you do while sautéing your spinach do not, I repeat, do not overcook it!

Want to get fancy? Consider adding a topping to it such as Parmesan cheese and toasted pine nuts. Yum!

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