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If you’re looking for an intermittent fasting snack you’ve come to the right place. As I prepare to enter yet another 3 day fast, I got thinking about all the different hacks I’ve tried over the years and I wanted to share the one singular most important hack that gets me through every intermittent fast. It’s called the Fast Bar and it allows you to keep your body in a fasting mode and still have a snack*. You’re welcome!

*Benefits seen in a randomized, controlled study in 105 adults after a 15-hour overnight fast comparing the glucose and ketone results every hour for 4 hours in the Fast Bar group, breakfast group and water-fast group. Data on file.

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The Fast Bar was created in 2009 after 20 years of fasting research at University of Southern California. The scientists at USC were trying to solve the the biggest challenge of fasting. How can you have a snack and still keep your body in a state of fasting? It’s the same question I ask myself by about noon on day 2 of every fast I ever embark on. So if you have been looking for an intermittent fasting snack, you’ve found the best one ever developed.

What’s in A Fast Bar?

Fast Bars are made with premium nuts and a blend of macronutrients that contain scientifically studied portions of beneficial fats. They are plant-based, high in fiber, packed with protein and made without dairy or soy. And yes, they’re gluten-free. They come in three delicious flavors and my favorite is the Nuts and Nibs which gives me my chocolate fix and calms my appetite without fail.

How do I use Fast Bars during my intermittent Fast?

Here’s the good news. You can reach for a Fast Bar whenever you have a craving. I usually eat 2 per day during my fasts. I have one for breakfast and one in the afternoon after I work out. I’ve found that they allow me to clear my head of all cravings and keep me on a successful fasting course. Click on the image below to hear from Dr. Hsu as he explains the Fast Bar and how it works with your body. It is the best intermittent fasting snack available and it’s completely backed by science.

Dr. Hsu explains how the Fast Bar works

Will Fast Bars Make Me Gain Weight?

Fast Bars are designed to work with your body and help with your weight management goals during your intermittent fast. The concepts are all backed by science and the ingredients are meant to work with your body’s metabolism to fight hunger and aid in your weight management goals. They are low in sugar and high in fiber. And the protein levels will keep you feeling satiated for hours. In terms of intermittent fasting snacks, this is the Holy Grail. And all you need to do is go read the reviews on the Fast Bar website to see what thousands of people are saying.

Is Fast Bar connected to the Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet?

Yes. Fast bars were created by the L-Nutra company. This is the same company that developed the Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet. The ProLon diet is a 5 day fast that incorporates certain foods in very small portions. ProLon comes in a pre-packaged meal plan and it’s delivered to your door. Many people have seen amazing physical, emotional and health benefits from ProLon.

The ProLon fasting mimicking diet was designed with a very unique strategy. It follows a strict restriction of calories while introducing small amounts of specific nutrients that do not register in your body as food. Essentially you are tricking your body into thinking you’re fasting, but you’re not starving yourself to do it. This diet and strategy are backed by over 20 years of research at the University of Southern California under the guidance of Dr. Valter Longo. At Foodzie, we’ve studied this diet and tried it ourselves. You can read an extensive review of the ProLon Fasting Mimicking diet here.

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Read the Fast Bar Reviews and Find out why this is the best hack for intermittent fasting

The important thing about Fast Bar and ProLon Diet is that they are both backed by science. As I look back on over 20 years of intermittent fasting I can say without hesitation that Fast Bars are the most important hack that I’ve found. Not only do they taste great but they keep me feeling satisfied and help me make it through my fast with great results. I encourage you to try them and don’t forget to visit their website and read the reviews.

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My Personal Favorite: The Cocoa Nibs Bar

This little bar has helped me make it through countless fasts. It’s packed with premium nuts and a deep chocolate flavor.

About the Author:

Anne Haliday has spent her career in the food industry both as a chef and a food critic. She is passionate about health and nutrition and has spent years studying food and it’s impact on our health. In her free time Anne can be found kayaking or practicing yoga.

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